Tony Barnes Album | Tony Barnes

Tony Barnes

Released: 2009 | Buy Album/mp3

Recorded by Stormy Cooper and Lyndon Hughes. Mixed and Mastered by Lyndon Hughes.

Tony Barnes: Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitar
Stormy Cooper: Bass
Lyndon Hughes: Drums, Harmony Vocals
Chris Whitten: Fiddle
Matt Baker: Guitar, Dobro, Keys


  1. Life
  2. Wagon Wheel
  3. So What I'm Drunk
  4. Houston
  5. Shotgun Wedding
  6. Push & Pull
  7. Ride on Brother
Tony Barnes Album | One Hell of a Ride

One Hell of a Ride

Released: 2007

Produced by Lauren Stalnecker at The Living Room Studio. Recording Engineer: Dallan Beck. Mixed by Donnie Boutwell Mastered by Jonathan Russell. Remixed and Mastered by Johnny Hiland. Drum Tracks Recorded at Quad Studios Nashville.


  1. Runaway Train
  2. The Whetherman
  3. God Bless The Southern Man
  4. Homegrown
  5. It's All Gonna Turn Around
  6. Living Single
  7. Moonshine Thrill (Junior's House of Homemade Wine)
  8. I Don't Know the Road I'm On
  9. Route 73
  10. When it Rains...
  11. Midnight Run
  12. Sunrise In My Face


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